There are various hospital choices available across the United States. Use the search on the top right to find a hospital or find one by state listed on the right-hand menu.

Hospital information such as the type of ownership, provider ID, and if emergency services are provided can be found on this site. Note that data on this website may be outdated. Do not rely on this website for medical emergencies. In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1.

US Hospital Aerial Photo
US Hospital Aerial Photo


Popular Hospitals

Florida Orlando Hospital –  A non-profit healthcare organization based on Orlando. It is considered one of the largest hospitals in the United States and is operated by a Seventh Day Adventist church. Their focus is on medical emergencies and patient care on-site.

Johns Hopkins – Located in Baltimore, Maryland, they consist of a teaching hospital and a research and development facility. Known as being in the forefront of medical treatments. They are one of the founding institutions of modern medicine.

Massachusetts General – Located in Boston, Massachusetts, they are one of the oldest medical institutions in the United States. They are operated and owned by Partners Healthcare. They operate Boston MedFlight and are the primary hospital for learning for Harvard Medical school.